Apple AirTags Unboxing & Demo! 

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AirTags and the new "Precision Finding" in action.
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AirTags provided by Apple for review.

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22 apr 2021



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Eoin Brennan
Eoin Brennan Minut tagasi
Wouldn’t they just steal your keys or bag if everyone knows about it?
hit like
hit like 43 minutit tagasi
I will put this in my nail cutter
Rahul Bansal
Rahul Bansal Tund tagasi
Informative. Nice video..
Chici Get The Yayo
Chici Get The Yayo 2 tundi tagasi
The amount of Apple products and quality of reviews he does for Apple, Marques should be on Apple’s payroll. 💯
jeoffer 2 tundi tagasi
Do your self a favour and fast forward or mute the first 30 seconds to avoid headphone sound pounding and fluff before the review happens.
Marco Garote
Marco Garote 2 tundi tagasi
Its just a tracking device
Ace 2 tundi tagasi
i like the hot ones t-shirt XD
Turo M.
Turo M. 2 tundi tagasi
Replaceable battery?!?! That’s kinda cool, couldn’t imagine having to charge that haha
Captain Lalo
Captain Lalo 3 tundi tagasi
Weren't there NFC tags some years back that did all this?
krishna singh
krishna singh 4 tundi tagasi
What if the phone itself get lost ??????😀😀😀
JayJay9j 4 tundi tagasi
Anyone know y these dont support family share
Afroo 4 tundi tagasi
I’m getting three of those glueing one on each AirPod and the case 😂😂
The Clown Prince Of Crime
The perfect tool for stalkers, rapists, and serial killers. Way to go apple. Privacy is top priority.
Sai Prayastha
Sai Prayastha 4 tundi tagasi
If someone is really honest then a piece of paper with name & number is enough why Airtag
Sai Prayastha
Sai Prayastha 4 tundi tagasi
Can i use it for my motorcycle what if i didn't lost it in my bed room but it was very far away at the theif??
Josean Toro
Josean Toro 5 tundi tagasi
Daniel Snyder
Daniel Snyder 6 tundi tagasi
5:43 not even lying if he had these all set up on different iCloud account my guy would have 100 years of Apple TV+ for free😂
Khaos 6 tundi tagasi
this is actually super useful...you could keep it in ur car for ever and if it gets stolen you can use the app..nice
Marty 7 tundi tagasi
How can I use it to locate a thief? You covered all scenarios but that. Thank you!
That Boy
That Boy 7 tundi tagasi
This is such a waste of money
Oahu View Lot
Oahu View Lot 8 tundi tagasi
we are putting them on our pets.
emnwl 8 tundi tagasi
6:13 I like how it plays a cool best whiles searching for something. Definitely buying it bc of that
Jacob Garza
Jacob Garza 8 tundi tagasi
could you do a side by side between airtag and tile, I guess I just want to know why I shouldn't go with the cheaper version, I don't have any experience with trackers and I'd like to know how tiles work too (nym you just made one lol)
Liam Madrigale
Liam Madrigale 8 tundi tagasi
Does presition finding work with iPhone se 2020
Bikepacking Adventure
Bikepacking Adventure 8 tundi tagasi
I keep on forgetting where I put my IPhone, can I put one on that? 🤔 😆😆😁😉😉
Jana 9 tundi tagasi
Can you put this on a remote? If I got a dollar for every time I lost my tv remote
Ziyad Baig
Ziyad Baig 9 tundi tagasi
Hahahaha would put it with my socks
Shiro Delgado
Shiro Delgado 9 tundi tagasi
So a tracker my friend and i watched this and this a hole tells and i quote "so i can finally track you when you get lost in walmart" smh
Fork Nork
Fork Nork 9 tundi tagasi
CrescentHawk 10 tundi tagasi
Will this work in case you misplace your car or if it got stolen?
Timmi 10 tundi tagasi
The AirTag turns on for the first time, NOT AirPod.
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali 12 tundi tagasi
But what if i lost the phone and still have the tag with me?
Neal Tosefsky
Neal Tosefsky 12 tundi tagasi
AirTags cannot be shared with family members - how would I share my car keys with my wife with a tag without it beeping at her?
Guild Of The Immortal Blades
How long does the battery last
You Tube
You Tube 10 tundi tagasi
One year
Jose Jaramillo
Jose Jaramillo 13 tundi tagasi
I don't get it, when Samsung released the smart tags not that many big EEfromrs made a video about them and now Apple released a similar product which are the air tags all the big EEfromrs are going nuts acting like if no other company made a similar product before the airtags.
Paco Edpalina
Paco Edpalina 13 tundi tagasi
Can it be used as vehicle tracker/finder?
ojo nob
ojo nob 13 tundi tagasi
what if someone stole it the Apple ID feature is kinda stupid
sk8erade69 14 tundi tagasi
Another overpriced apple product. Pass
francowabongo 14 tundi tagasi
Wait is this a 20 dollar key holder?! The world is going nuts. When I was young there were keyHolders that would play a tune when you whistle and you'd find them. .. They cost 50p!
Marcelo Checa
Marcelo Checa 14 tundi tagasi
Do you think it's going to work like a GPS car or something like that?
skyler warren
skyler warren 14 tundi tagasi
Its so forgettable air pod is the winner
Kuldeep Jalap
Kuldeep Jalap 15 tundi tagasi
But it will tell stranger that owner is not near and u can fly off with luggage 😁
Darren Shalla
Darren Shalla 15 tundi tagasi
I'm honestly shocked that Apple is letting people change the batteries instead of buying new ones LOL.
La belette Norris
La belette Norris 16 tundi tagasi
I’ll finally be able to find my car among the others
Undercover Bush
Undercover Bush 16 tundi tagasi
Never in my life have i needed a fucking device to find my keys , wallet , etc This just shows how stupid people have become ( I mean people still buy overpriced shit for apple ) 👁️👄👁️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seth Gee
Seth Gee 16 tundi tagasi
Thanks for the breakdown. I've been a long time Tile user and will probably abandon that and some AirTags.
Varun Jain
Varun Jain 16 tundi tagasi
When do we get to see the review of new ipad pro with M1 chip?
Martijn 17 tundi tagasi
WHAT you can replace the battery yourself? How is that even possible?
kore996 17 tundi tagasi
What if you put it somewhere to track someone and they don’t have an iPhone? I think I know the answer….you get tracked when it pings off other apple devices 😂
Sem Sona
Sem Sona 17 tundi tagasi
“Hey Siri, where is my wallet”? Siri: “It’s at the Apple Store buying everything in sight”
VWKiller O
VWKiller O 18 tundi tagasi
1:23 -says AirPod in front of 14 mil people
YapMouth 18 tundi tagasi
Any thoughts what the accelerometer is for or possible future uses?
Dan the man!
Dan the man! 18 tundi tagasi
Tile came out with this idea first. Old technology.
Nick S
Nick S 19 tundi tagasi
what if someone is stalking you and you don't have an iphone?
Mozz Jones
Mozz Jones 20 tundi tagasi
Nice idea to an extent, But missing very useful features and overpriced as usual from Apple.
René van Splunder
René van Splunder 20 tundi tagasi
E- divises couses Alzheimer??
Shaur Sarubdeo
Shaur Sarubdeo 21 tund tagasi
Attention to detail with the “TAG” scrabble pieces just makes MKBHD the best.
axelollars 22 tundi tagasi
1:23 did I hear Airpod...?
TRIKKIN_ESPORTS 23 tundi tagasi
Ace Canacan
Ace Canacan 23 tundi tagasi
0:24 this shot was slick
Parthasarathy B
Parthasarathy B 23 tundi tagasi
So, the bottom line is ,,, even thought it’s priced at $29, you still need iPhone to work with it ,,, they should give away airtags as part of iPhone package especially they now removed power brick / headphones !!!
Pablo 23 tundi tagasi
The airpod turns on for the first time? OOF, not sticking that in my ear
Fabio Iguavita Duarte
What a piece of rubbish lol. But, what's even worse, the attempt to oversell it like it's wow! Steve Jobs r.i.p.
Don's Phone
Don's Phone Päev tagasi
Yay!! More crap that will probably eventually end up in the ocean, but more likely into landfill. All in the name of MONEY. Yay 🥳
Arsalan Ansari
Arsalan Ansari Päev tagasi
50 rs kaat acting ka .
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo Päev tagasi
Technology is just making you stupider. If that’s even a word. Just be a grown adult and don’t lose your crap.
Ludovic Breixo
Ludovic Breixo Päev tagasi
What if someone finds it, doesn’t know what it is, and doesn’t have an iPhone, or doesn’t even know how to use the features on the phones? Your airtag is gone. Stolen forever
Yasser Padia
Yasser Padia Päev tagasi
I am fairly certain that Nokia created a NFC tag like this 6 years back.
David Underwood
David Underwood Päev tagasi
Can you use the Siri commands “hey Siri, find my backpack” etc???
tomas gomez
tomas gomez Päev tagasi
I do prefer a GPS tracker, much useful than this
Dwight Paulo Loteyro
Thank you Apple for making a married mans life more complicated. Now wives will just sneak that shit or force it on you and just boom she knows where a good lad will be. Like in the Pub! The one we had in Atlantis!!!
mary saade
mary saade Päev tagasi
Can someone find ur airtag and use it as if they own it
Heba AlGendy
Heba AlGendy Päev tagasi
So if it's far away I can still track it on a map or my chances of finding it again is if I mark it as a lost item and someone else finds it?
MD. MEHEDI HASAN Päev tagasi
Not expecting design from apple
Hivanberg Päev tagasi
no one is giving you your airtag back lmao
Verdon Rocks Photography
if I stick it secretly to my motorcycle and the person who stole my lovely machine will get notifications there is air tag .... it would be first what would end up in river, dooh
kobenoyashi Päev tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks apple got lazy with the design of this thing? It looks like a cheap whiteboard magnet.
Josue Mendez
Josue Mendez Päev tagasi
I would like to know if this work with a bicycle and I want to put
Josma Lepi
Josma Lepi Päev tagasi
Sony has this before 8 years
Well That Random
Well That Random Päev tagasi
Did Marquice flex on me by take an brand new iPhone out of his 🎒
Bianca Gonzalez
Bianca Gonzalez Päev tagasi
AirPod or AirTag lol
Kenneth Pouliot
Kenneth Pouliot Päev tagasi
The precision isn’t working on my iPhone 12. All I get is the option of “directions”
Lemonizer Päev tagasi
Very nice commercial
Der Boi
Der Boi Päev tagasi
Just realized this would be perfect for stalking my girlfriend
Daley Carter
Daley Carter Päev tagasi
If only Tile could have stuck a tracker on their intellectual property, they'd have caught Apple making off with it
Zn Jian
Zn Jian Tund tagasi
You can't trademark the function of an item.
Zak Lindemann
Zak Lindemann Päev tagasi
Can’t believe he missed the opportunity to call them “Mar-keys”
DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff
Would be cool if you could set various airtags to alert you if you left it at home, like your wallet
Azio Prism
Azio Prism Päev tagasi
*Dude, when we get 7G soon you really don't need an AirTag anymore because you'll be ded.*
richard coughlan
richard coughlan Päev tagasi
I think id rather hide the airtag. Most thieves are going to cut the airtag off as soon as they find your item lol.
Jinx 1234
Jinx 1234 Päev tagasi
He keeps calling it an AirPod lol
Laci Doszka
Laci Doszka Päev tagasi
It's funny that they say it's for find your keys but You can't attach it on your keychain or keyring because it has no attachment hole ... ...so You pay at least 40 USD for it with a keychain attachment just because it's Apple. Or You can buy some RECHARGEABLE ones for 10 USD with a keyhole (not need 2nd gadget) ...what a junk I have a small airtag like thing with built in GPS and SIM card slot I can follow my tag wherever it is. I bought it several years ago for 30 USD... So what now? Innnovation from the last?
bekesseg Päev tagasi
What a waste of plastic and metal.
Patrick Stick
Patrick Stick Päev tagasi
the mark of the beast
Mukul Didwania
Mukul Didwania Päev tagasi
Congrats for 14M Marques
Ben Howe
Ben Howe Päev tagasi
I’m sorry, Maybe I missed it but did you explain what would happen and if someone who’s item with a tag was stolen? Would this be able able to help or could someone simply remove the battery ....
Oliver Rufa
Oliver Rufa Päev tagasi
You said AirPod instead of airtag HAHAHAHA Jk love ur vids man
Clinton Madu
Clinton Madu Päev tagasi
What happens if you just steal the bag and cut off the air tag🤷🏽‍♂️
Jae Hyuk Lee
Jae Hyuk Lee Päev tagasi
What if someone steal my bag which has airtag? Still able to tracking? Somebody answer me.
diana2739 Päev tagasi
It might be a stupid question but can i change the name of it, for example i name it “keys” then can i change it later to “bag” or anything else?
Pat Buckley
Pat Buckley Päev tagasi
Hey your fun fact had me rolling
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